Born of This Earth

Taking off-road camping to a whole new level, the Bhoma 4×4 Off-Road Caravan is the Rolls-Royce of trailvans, engineered to perfection. The Bhoma offers one luxury with easy set up , off the ground camping suitable suited for 4-5 persons camping.


The Bhoma 4×4 Off-Road Caravan is our pride and joy off-road trailer. If  it’s the best you want then this off-road trailer will not disappoint  you. A combination between trailer and caravan offering complete outdoor  luxury but with the feel of canvas and airy space 

Off-Grid Luxury

Not the feeling of being boxed inside a small area, but one with nature outside. Secure in the thought that you are still inside off the ground in a structural safe environment for you and the family.

Spacious Interior

A superior suspension system, heavy duty galvanised ladder chassis, 5 Star kitchen units, spacious and comfortable sleeping tents and a protective finish that will ensure your prize investment will maintain its value.

Big Value / Small Package

If you own a large 4×4 and are considering a 4×4 caravan as an alternative to a trailer, then please take a look at our Bhoma 4×4 Off-Road Caravan and you will be pleasantly surprised at what this camper trailer offers.

Simplicity / Practicality

  • Great towing stability
  • Easy to set up
  • Sleeps 4 -5
  • Spacious luxury interior
  • Double Bush-Fan 360° Awning